A Thoughtful, Proven Approach

Dr. Cody offers psychotherapy services at both of her private practice locations, in New York City and New Canaan, CT. She specializes in therapeutic treatment for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and individuals with co-occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression. Dr. Cody offers individual therapy, family therapy, and couples’ therapy, and she has vast experience working with children, adolescents, and adults.

Dr. Cody commonly works with family members and loved ones of someone diagnosed with ASD and/or co-occurring mental health disorders. Dr. Cody welcomes family members and loved ones to be involved in the therapeutic process. It is often quite helpful for a client to bring family members to therapy sessions, as it can offer a different perspective and can allow more insight for Dr. Cody. Family therapy can be done in conjunction with individual therapy, or alone. Individuals who are experiencing symptoms due to their diagnosis are not the only ones affected, making family therapy quite helpful in learning how to respond to their loved ones experiencing difficulties.

Dr. Cody begins the process of therapeutic services by offering her clients an initial consultation. Usually, she will spend a couple of sessions reviewing the client’s history and evaluating your needs. Dr. Cody finds it to be very important to discuss her approach to therapy with new clients, and will take the time to answer any questions that one would have regarding the process. This beginning phase of therapy helps for both Dr. Cody and the client to determine whether it is a good fit. Dr. Cody explains to her clients both the benefits and risks of treatment. Many emotions may be experienced as therapy involves the discussion of unpleasant and enjoyable aspects of one’s life. Therapy can aid in the repair or relationships, distressful feelings, and behavioral and life changes. Therapy can also allow for Dr. Cody to recommend alternative treatments. She may determine that a psychological assessment would be beneficial, or perhaps the referral to a Psychiatrist for medication. Dr. Cody will discuss any alternative treatments that she feels would aid in conjunction with psychotherapy.

Dr. Cody also provides training and supervision to externs and interns in educational and clinical psychology, and postdoctoral fellows. Clients have the choice to determine if they’d like to pursue treatment with Dr. Cody, or a supervisee for a reduced fee. If services will be pursued with a clinician other than Dr. Cody, she is still very involved in one’s treatment, providing frequent support and supervision to her trainees.

Why Consider Dr. Cody?

  • Dr. Cody enlists the support of the patient’s family and those around them to create a safe environment that encourages patient growth, even outside of regular sessions

  • By focusing on the treatment of co-occurring mental health challenges like anxiety and depression, Dr. Cody helps patients strive for more independent, fulfilling lives

  • Dr. Cody works with educational teams and other service providers to facilitate an understanding of each patient’s individualized needs and relevant supports.

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