Extensive Expertise

With experience as the Director of Clinical Services at The SEED Center and as the Senior Staff Psychologist at the Fay J. Lindner Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities, Dr. Cody is adept at working within organizations to educate employees and revamp institutional offerings to better serve individuals with ASD. During Dr. Cody’s postdoctoral fellowship placement at FEGS, her role was to serve as a consultant within the adult day habilitation services to create specialized services supporting individuals with ASD. Dr. Cody collaborated with day habilitation team members to create specialized services, such as social skills groups, as well as development of specialized group rooms for this population translating best educational practices into application with the adult population. Dr. Cody has provided staff trainings within schools and day habilitation settings to promote improved service delivery and educational supports for individuals with ASD.

Dr. Cody translates her expertise in customized supports for individuals on the autism spectrum to identify the needs of your team, create a collaborative consultation plan and then works with your team to develop in depth training materials and plans to optimize your facility’s services to better aid those with ASDs.

Consultative services include:

  • An in-depth review of existing institutional policies and programs, with an emphasis on identification of individualized supports and needs of participants on the autism spectrum

  • Personalized development plans to adapt and develop programs to support individuals with ASD

  • Hands on consultative training with staff members and practitioners

  • Supervision and independent evaluation of the implementation of policies and procedures impacting individuals with ASD

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