What type of therapeutic approach does Dr. Cody use?

Dr. Cody utilizes an integrative approach to therapy, and she commonly works within a cognitive behavioral approach as the foundation, meaning, this model uses both cognitive and behavioral techniques in practice. The way that one perceives a situation is correlated to the individual’s reaction to the situation, rather than the situation itself. This therapeutic model allows for clients to alter their negative and automatic thinking patterns and behavior, which ultimately helps improve one’s mood and ability to fully function. Dr. Cody integrates other approaches in her treatment, rather, she formulates a client’s treatment plan based on their individual needs. Other approaches include use of skills-focused interventions (i.e. social, executive functioning, communication) along with an incorporation and understanding of how one functions within the context of their family system. Treatment plans are individualized based upon the unique needs of each individual with whom she is working.

How long are therapy sessions and how often?

Therapy sessions are typically 45-60 minutes (based on individual need) and occur once/weekly. At the beginning of one’s treatment, usually at the initial consultation, Dr. Cody will discuss her therapy plan and rationale as to how long/frequent treatment should occur. She works with her clients to come up with a treatment plan that meets her client’s needs.