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Dr. Cody specializes in psychological evaluations for individuals of all ages. She thrives in the diagnosis and treatment of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and co-occurring mental health needs. She is also skilled in working with adults in need of a first-time diagnosis. She aims to help adults find the piece that has been missing for many years. She helps to guide her clients on how to incorporate a new diagnosis into their daily lives and how to not let it hinder one’s ability to function, rather, allow one to fully prosper. Psychological evaluations provide an individual with a better understanding of their brain’s strengths and weaknesses, information that to help guide one’s treatment plan and help those working with the client to better treat the problems they are experiencing, and recommendations for one’s day-to-day life to help the client succeed.

Dr. Cody does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. She does not use a standardized set of measures for each client, rather, she tailors the evaluation plan to meet each client’s individual needs. For Dr. Cody to reach the most accurate and thorough findings, she will work together with her client to attain as much information as possible. The process will begin by clients being sent a detailed life history questionnaire. Clients are asked to complete this packet prior to their scheduled initial consultation, to give Dr. Cody time to review. It is quite helpful for Dr. Cody to review past psychological evaluations, even if they have been done a long time ago. Dr. Cody asks that you provide her with past evaluations when submitting back the life history questionnaire.

Adult Evaluations

For adult psychological evaluations, Dr. Cody uses 3 components to reach the most accurate and thorough findings. She will conduct a review of one’s medical and other records, including past psychological evaluations, and the client’s completion of a detailed life history questionnaire. Dr. Cody will conduct an initial consultation interview to gain a detailed history of the client’s background and presenting problem. During this interview, she welcomes the client to invite another person who knows them well to attend, such as, a family member, close friend, or a caregiver. After the thorough understanding of one’s background history and current needs, Dr. Cody will determine specific measures to use. She will walk the client through her evaluation plan, usually at the end of the initial consultation. She works to make sure her client feels comfortable with her evaluation plan and the projected total hours needed to conduct the evaluation, and understands her rationale.

Child/Adolescent Evaluations

For child and adolescent evaluations, Dr. Cody will correspond with the parent or guardian of the individual to be evaluated. Dr. Cody will ask for the parents to complete a detailed developmental history questionnaire. This packet will be a chance for parents to indicate the many reasons why they are seeking an evaluation for their child. Parents will be asked behavioral and developmental questions and detailed school information. Parents may also be asked to have their child’s teachers fill out questionnaires to help provide Dr. Cody with further information. If a child is under 18, the initial consultation typically consists of a parent only meeting only. However, the child may be asked to attend depending on the specific case. For young adults that are still under the care of their parents, a similar process will take place. The parent will complete a young adult life history questionnaire with or on the behalf of their child.

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